Our Vision

Our Vision is to “create thriving and connected biodiverse communities”. Our Mission is to “build and connect flourishing communities through urban greenspace generation, nature-based wellbeing and sustainable living”.

Our Values (how we strive to achieve our vision & mission) are fundamental to how we work each and every day:

Collaboration – Our approachability and inclusiveness ensure that everyone who is affected by our work is involved in shaping it.

Integrity – We are honest, inclusive and have respect for all life through our ethics, authenticity and commitment.

Innovation – We are committed to constructively exploring ideas that help us get closer to our vision by doing things differently and taking pioneering approaches, recognising the learning and development that comes with this path.

Professionalism – All of our actions to our beneficiaries, stakeholders and each other demonstrate our mutual respect, competence, proactivity and the way we make a difference.