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St Nicks is the green heart of York

A centre for nature and green living, with an ambitious vision for York. The charity started as ‘Friends of St Nicholas Fields’ in the 1990s by transforming a former landfill site into a thriving Local Nature Reserve. We continue to manage it, with the help of many great volunteers, for the benefit of both wildlife and our visitors. The name of the site and the secular charity comes from the middle ages when the area was owned and managed by St Nicholas hospital and church.

We are based at St Nicks Environment Centre which combines many green features. From this base, we run projects, events and services which help to make York more sustainable. The Centre is available for hire for meetings, seminars and other events. We hope you will visit us soon.

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Our Reserve

Once a disused landfill site, now a thriving haven for nature.

St Nicholas Fields gained Local Nature Reserve status in 2004 and is just a short walk away from the city centre. The reserve is maintained by volunteers and is home to a wide variety of plants, animals and insects.

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With your support, we can make York a better place for wildlife, people and the planet.

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Grass ID and UK Habitat Training with John Handley

Force of Nature 2023

A day in the life of a Green Corridors trainee

a red brick room with glass partitions. There are microphones and various computer stations around the room.

Digital Inclusion

A trail of glass, vehicle parts including a car window frame and other debris litters the path all the way up to the environment centre garden

Break in

Park Rangers Nick and Harriet both wearing waders and gloves stand in the pond and smiling. Nick is on the left and leaning forwards holding the edge of our pond dipping platform, he is a young, white male with stubble and glasses. Harriet has her elbow o

Volunteer Park Ranger Vacancy

thriving at work

Thriving At Work a project success!

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Multiple awards for our Recycling Team!

Green Corridors York; How it came to be

Green Corridors York; How it came to be


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