During our 18 months on the Thriving at Work project, we have worked with individuals and SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) in all different kinds of industries, including tiny micro-businesses, well-known local brands, hospitality, tech and engineering, civil service and local charities. The common thread amongst them all was clear; that workplace wellbeing is vital and is very achievable where people have a little time and energy to spend on the topic.

Through the 1-2-1 mentoring programme we have helped people with feelings of stress and burnout, new approaches to work-life balance, improved communication (with both peers and managers), simple systems and structures to support mental wellbeing, managing imposter feelings and low self-confidence, amongst many more. The feedback has been exceptionally positive will all participants reporting improved wellbeing, enjoyment and motivation at work.

As part of the end of contract celebrations, Better Connect made a few short case study films about the work of the delivery partners and we are delighted that St Nicks was one of these. You can view the film below. It tells the story of the support that we provided to Community Furniture Store in York, which has been a great success of combining 1-2-1 mentoring with the whole-business approach.

And because we are St Nicks, we always use the wonders of nature and the natural world to support our work. 1-2-1 participants often benefited from our walk-and-talk approach to mentoring, using the beautiful surroundings of the nature reserve and the well-documented mental health benefits of nature connectedness.

We are very hopeful that Better Connect will be successful in securing continuation funding, so watch this space for news in the coming weeks.

Jane & Eleanor - The St Nicks TAW team

Quotes from 1-2-1 participants


“I feel more engaged, motivated and inspired, and have some practical strategies to use when things get tough… it’s been a game-changer for me”.

“I have learnt ways to prioritise my own needs and wellbeing and to ensure they are met, using new techniques and making sure my manager is aware of how to help”.

“I have developed skills and techniques to challenge my beliefs about myself and to manage my anxiety”.

“Going to the office now feels manageable and my attitude towards it has changed for the better”.

Quotes from SME’s


“The experience was great and helped us to achieve a better understanding of how much we can do with our wellbeing policies, incorporating more positive practices within our workplace”.

“We implemented new policies and a training plan for staff. We conducted a mental health and wellbeing questionnaire a year later and the results have been very reassuring”.