Thriving at Work

Throughout 2022 and the first half of 2023, St Nicks was a delivery partner for a scheme called Thriving at Work.

During our 18 months on the Thriving at Work project, we worked with individuals and SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) in all different kinds of industries, including tiny micro-businesses, well-known local brands, hospitality, tech and engineering, civil service and local charities. The common thread amongst them all was clear; that workplace wellbeing is vital and is very achievable where people have a little time and energy to spend on the topic.

You can read more about this amazing project here: Thriving At Work a project success!

During the project, our team learned a huge amount about supporting people in the workplace including harnessing the power of nature to increase wellbeing, and we continue to help our group members with this aspect of their daily lives where it is relevant.

Please note that although Thriving at Work is now closed to enrolments, we may be able to help you through our Ecotherapy programme. Our Ecotherapy groups promote good mental and physical wellbeing through outdoor activity in a natural environment. To find out more, follow the link, or email us at