Tricky Materials

Thanks to our work with TerraCycle we can recycle extra materials that need to be brought to one of our specifically staffed drop-in days or can be brought to one of our partners around the city.

These brigades are very specific about what can be accepted. The material type is much less important than the brand and manufacturer of the packaging. This is because it is the brands who pay to sponsor the schemes so they get to specify what they will recycle. Please make sure you read the information about what we can recycle carefully, any incorrect materials risk us being removed from the service by Terracycle.

To be kept up to date on what we can collect and when you can bring the materials please sign up for our mailing list.

We work with a number of organisations to allow people to bring their materials to other sites around York, please check with each site before you travel:

The KP Snacks Nuts, Popcorn, Crisps & Pretzels Brigade

Yes, please Any brand of nuts, popcorn, crisps/chips and pretzels packets. No need to wash, just shake out any remaining contents.

No, thanks: seed, dried fruit, meat snack or nutrient powder and topper packets

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Pladis Biscuits and Snacks Brigade

Yes, please Any brand of sweet biscuit, cake bar and cracker wrappers. This includes multipack packaging and individual wrappers though only the plastic sleeves. No need to wash, just shake out any remaining contents.

No, thanks: Any other sweet snack packaging such as flapjacks or chocolate bars; cardboard packaging (please recycle at kerbside).

Thumbnail for The pladis Biscuits and Snacks Free Recycling Programme

BIC Writing Instrument Brigade

Yes please: Any brand of plastic pens, felt tips, marker pens, highlighters. If St Nicks collects your recycling, these can be placed in your kerbside box.

No, thanks: Wooden pencils

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Cathedral City Cheese Packaging Brigade

Yes, please Any brand of flexible cheese packaging including nets & labels, plastic wrap from blocks and individual bars, and films from pre-sliced packaging. Please rinse and dry.

No, thanks: Baby bel wax, plastic trays from pre-sliced packaging (can be recycled at kerbside), tubes.

Thumbnail for The Cheese Packaging Free Recycling Programme

Taylors of Harrogate Coffee Packaging Brigade

Yes please: Any brand flexible coffee packaging.

No, thanks: Coffee pods or lids, cardboard.

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Aluminium Foil

Yes, please Any aluminium foil. Please clean and squash well.

No, thanks: medical blister packs, laminated foil, and any other metal products

Wires, Cables and Charging Leads

Yes please: Any wiring, charging leads or cables

No, thanks: Electronic devices or appliances

Different coils of cables in different colours, phone chargers and ethernet cables

Candles, Melts and Wax wastes

Yes please: Any waste from candles including wax, wax melts, tea lights and candle jars 

No, thanks: incense or wax melt holders/burners any cheese or other waxes

photos of candles in various jars