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Kids Activities

It's time for an adventure! Join our kid's club leader Freya on an interactive games trail across St Nicks.

1 Introduction to kids activities

2 Listening exercise

Scavenger Hunt: Alphabet

Scavenger Hunt: Colours

Scavenger Hunt: Leaves

Introduction to Seasons

Seasons: Spring

Seasons; Summer

Seasons: Autumn

Seasons: Winter

Making a Den

Bug Hunt

Follow the leader

Nature Art

Kids Activities Conclusion

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Over more than two decades, volunteers and supporters have made St Nicks what it is today: a flourishing hub of green inspiration for the city. You can help grow the green heart of York by joining St Nicks. Your support will help us sustain and expand our work.

Join us to help fulfill our vision for York to be a city where people value wildlife, the environment and each other equally to sustain a rich and healthy life for all.

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