Business Recycling

The way we work means we can offer a high degree of flexibility with our service. We can cater for everything from a small shop to large events such as the CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival or York Pride.

We can collect on a frequency to suit your organisation’s needs, schedule regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly collections or contact us as and when you need a pickup. We won’t penalise you for cancelling collections at short notice – we want to help you recycle as much as possible!

Pricing is based on the volume of recycling we collect. We can offer discounts on bulk collections of single-stream materials. If you would like to cut down on the amount of waste your business generates book us in for a waste audit, we’ll take an inventory of all the waste you dispose of and provide recommendations on how to save money, time and resources. The price of a waste audit depends on the size of the organisation, contact us for a quote on business waste collections or waste audits.

Please see the drop downs below for more information on what we can collect, and what areas we cover. If your organisation is near to, or just outside of the area covered please do contact us, it's a guideline, as our existing routes and capacity are constantly increasing.

Materials We Collect

  • METAL: food & drinks cans, empty aerosols, clean aluminium foil. Please rinse these out and flatten them (if possible).
  • GLASS: all glass bottles and jars. Please rinse out, especially food jars.
  • PAPER: newspapers, magazines, catalogues, junk mail, windowless envelopes (please tear them out), phone directories and scrap paper. Please remove all plastic wrapping and do not include wrapping paper.
  • PLASTICS LABELLED PET 1 & HDPE 2 & Polypropylene 5: milk, fizzy drinks, water, shampoo, detergent etc. fruit punnets, and some plastic trays. Yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and trays. Please rinse out and FLATTEN bottles and STACK tubs. No dark plastics can be recycled, regardless of type, and neither can films nor bags.
  • CARDBOARD: all clean card (not coated in plastic or contaminated with food) such as cereal boxes, egg boxes, and packing boxes. Please FLATTEN all boxes. Cardboard sheets larger than 80 x 150cm (2’6″ x 5′) will only be collected if they are flattened and secured with tape or string.
  • FOOD & BEVERAGE Cartons: Please ensure they are washed and squashed. If not squashed they will NOT be collected.
  • GARDEN WASTE: grass clippings, dry leaves etc. Please leave it in a bag next to the box.
  • CABLES, CHARGER LEADS & WIRES: wires and cables from any household appliance or charge wires. We cannot take the appliances only the wires. Please coil and leave in your recycling containers.
  • Plastic writing implements: pens, markers and highlighters. No wooden or metal items.

Waste Audits

If you are not sure where to start contact us to arrange a waste audit. A waste audit looks at everything you are throwing away. We can then make suggestions for how you could save your business time, resources and money.

Waste audits work best when few people within the business know they will be happening. People will modify their behaviour if they know it will be scrutinised! Costs for a waste audit depend on the size of your business and the volume of waste we would need to analyse. Please contact us for a quote.

Areas we cover

A map of York with a greyed out circle showing collection area. It stretches two miles around the centre of the city but stays within the outer ring road.

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