The Green Heart of York

Brand new for 2024 is The Green Heart of York Podcast.

Every month we will be bringing you a new episode jam packed with fantastic guests and insights.

Hear from members of the St Nicks team and other experts on a wide range of topics including nature connectedness, careers in the environmental and charity sectors, volunteering, urban green corridors, rewilding, rivers and floodplains.... 

The Great Outdoors

This session will provide some really interesting insight about being outdoors, different types of activities and how movement and mindfulness in nature can positive enhance your life. We’ve shared lots of ideas today on how to connect to nature, the benefits of connecting to nature and what we do to connect to nature. Have a think about them and see what you can do to connect to nature. It doesn’t have to be in a big or dramatic way. Notice how you feel beforehand, when you are focussed on nature and then how you feel afterwards. Notice your thoughts. It’s ok if they wander but try to bring them back. Try to bring a sense of curiosity to it. Notice how your body feels. And then try to keep some image from it in your mind and use this over the following week. It may be a path, a creature or a plant. For me at the minute it is the delicate hazel flower that is so tiny. What is it for you? Bring it back to mind during the week. If you do this it will bring back those feelings of when you were relaxed and calm at that time. It’s a little St Nicks Fix. 

Featured participants: 

Mike Fletcher, co-owner Pool Bridge Farm
Andrew Garner aka Wolf, owner Forest Quest
Ellie Stead, CEO, St Nicks
Eleanor Tookey, Senior Ecotherapy Officer, St Nicks

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