Help raise funds for St Nicks

St Nicks, as a charity, secures finance for the work we do in many ways. From providing services such as recycling, applying for funding to organising events, we do all we can to bring about our vision. We are grateful for the support of individuals who believe in what we do and their fundraising and donations for us.

If you can, please help us raise funds in any of the following ways:

Attend or organise fundraising events

From our annual Ceilidh to Winter Songs, we have a range of events throughout the year that you can support. Please see our event listings and get in touch if you would like to fundraise for St Nicks at your event.

Raise funds through a personal challenge

Whether you’re planning to join in an existing challenge event like a marathon, or want to organise your own, let us know and we can cheer you on!

Leave a gift in your will

Once you’ve remembered your friends and family, why not leave a gift for a cause that's close to your heart? Big or small, part of your legacy could be for a greener future for York through supporting St Nicks in this way.

You can either leave a specific amount of money, which is known as a Pecuniary Bequest, or a share of what’s left over after all your wishes have been carried out, which is a Residuary Bequest.

If you’d like to leave a Pecuniary Bequest, you might find this wording helpful:

‘I bequeath to the Friends of St Nicholas Fields, Registered Charity No. 1153739, the sum of £____ for its general purposes.’

If you’d like to leave a Residuary Bequest:

‘I bequeath to the Friends of St Nicholas Fields, Registered Charity No. 1153739, __% of the residue of my estate for its general purposes.’

Should you be kind enough to include a gift to St Nicks in your Will, please let us know. We appreciate that some people prefer to keep this private but we would really like to say thank you!

Adopt a collection box

Adopt a charity collection box to keep at home, take to work or to a local shop and help St Nicks with small change. The money collected will help us to make York a better place for people and wildlife.

Please get in touch if you’d like to do any of the above, or to discuss another way of raising funds for St Nicks.

Ceilidh band in foreground with dancers in circles in the background

St NIcks Ceilidh 2023

LJO_2683a-scaledAutumn Fayre 2022