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Grey Squirrels, Rabbits, Brown Rats, Field Voles, Bank Voles and Woodmice are known to live on the reserve. Water Voles have previously been recorded on both stretches of beck but not for a few years. Foxes are often seen on site and have been recorded via our trail camera set up on several occasions. Hedgehogs are spotted occasionally but their prints often turn up in our small mammal tunnels during surveying season. There is also at least one otter that visits the site frequently. Since 2017 otter spraint (poo) has often been found at St Nicks, and we managed to snap a picture of it on our trail camera in 2021. Otters are very sensitive to water conditions, so having a transient otter on site is a good sign that the beck ecosystem is improving. 

If you are interested in surveying, our Wildwatch group meets at the Environment Centre every Wednesday morning. If you have any sightings or photos to share, we'd love to see them! Send us a message on social media or use the form on our Citizen Science page.

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