Green Corridors York

York has a rich abundance of green spaces, which act as vital green ‘lungs’ breathing life into our city. Connecting these are the city’s two main rivers, their surrounding floodplains, disused railway lines, medieval strays and city wall embankments. We call these green corridors.

The biodiversity of these crucial green ‘lungs’ and connecting corridors are declining due to human pressures, pollution and lack of resources affecting management. This is despite the efforts of land managers, conservation groups, local communities and dedicated volunteers. 

Green Corridors York strives for “more, bigger, better and more joined up” green spaces. Conserving nature whilst supporting our communities. As a city, we can work together to reduce pollution, challenge harmful developments and improve land management. 

We will reconnect and restore, bringing nature to the forefront to ensure key species and habitats thrive; including floodplain meadow, water vole and tansy beetle. If you would like to learn more about how Green Corridors York came to be you can find details here.

As part of Green Corridors York  our skilled and experienced team are able to offer consultancy advice, deliver habitat creation and restoration, conduct surveys, education and engagement events, management plans, skills training etc. If you are a land owner/manager, community group, individual or organisation contact our team to see how we can work together. Any income from this consultancy work goes back into further development of Green Corridors York.

Explore Green Corridors York & our cities other wildlife sites on Wild York!

The Wild York interactive map shows the wide range of green spaces and conservation projects across the city.

Find out what’s going on in your area, including sites to visit, and projects to get involved with.

Discover the key species and habitats that make up York’s green corridors. 

Help scythe, sow, plant & coppice - become a Nature Conservation Volunteer!

Join one of our regular groups working on sites across the different corridors. 

Thanks to regular volunteers, we can focus the conservation effort where it is needed most. Helping support different community groups and landowners to have the biggest possible impact. 

Or, support the corridors work by volunteering as a part of a local business or a group. We rely on group task days to supplement the work of the regular volunteers, supporting the bigger tasks at the busy times of year. And then ideally, come back again for more! 

Become a Citizen Scientist!

Knowledge is key when it comes to nature conservation. By collecting scientific ecological data about habitats and species, we can monitor their health and value, and inform the most effective nature conservation across the corridors and beyond. We need Green Corridors Citizen Scientists to help collect this data. 

With the support of local experts, you could make a difference by completing a range of self-led surveys including kick sampling for freshwater invertebrates, assessing grassland quality for wildlife value, setting water vole survey transects. Discover what surveys you could be involved in.


Send us your feedback!

We are always looking to improve and further develop our projects and would love your feedback. If you could spare a few minutes, we would be so grateful if you could fill in our Green Corridors York feedback form, which you can find here. Thank you so much! 

Contact our Team!

Contact our team if you need support or would like to provide feedback.