Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at St Nicks. All of our projects are assessed against the 10, one planet living principles. When we talk about sustainability we are looking to ensure we are doing the least harm possible. Whether that is relating to human, social, financial or environmental.

Our top three tips for living more sustainably?

1. It is lifelong learning.

Unfortunately there’s no simple or quick solutions. The science around sustainability is constantly improving and personal circumstances change. Working out our personal impact is a good start. Generally speaking the three biggest carbon emitting areas in our lives are the way we travel, the way we heat and power our homes and the food we eat. For some transport might be the easiest area to tackle for example by pledging not to fly. Others may choose to reduce their meat consumption. The One planet living principles give a good framework to guide our process.

2. It is a balancing act, perfection is not required.

Nobody is perfect. We all have to balance a variety of factors when making our choices – from money to efficiency or impact on others around us – and that may result in a compromise. We can only make the best decisions with the information we have available at the time. This may not always turn out to be the best option overall. However, that does not mean we cannot learn from it, do better next time or try to change the system. The main thing is not to use our, or others’ imperfection as a reason not to act. Focusing our efforts on areas where we can make most difference is much more productive than feeling guilty about getting something wrong.

3. It is about normalising what should be a given.

Action to reduce our impact in our daily lives and making space for nature wherever possible need to become the “normal” rather than something only some people can afford to do. Talking to your loved ones or colleagues about your sustainable choices, or the campaigns and organisations you support, may amplify the impact you’re having by inspiring them to join in. It may also help you find new ways and actions to undertake together.