Break in at St Nicks

Overnight on Thursday 31st August St Nicks garden was broken into. The thieves stole one of our recycling collection vehicles and caused significant damage to our other electric vehicle. In the process they damaged or destroyed multiple of our outdoor structures including our raised beds, bike storage, storage sheds, bike trailers, push bikes and our gate. We had to cancel all work on Thursday to allow the police to investigate and to give our staff time to carry out a full inventory of the damage and losses, as well as clean up and make the site safe for our groups. We are now back up and running though have had to make some changes to how we work and have closed part of our garden for now.

The full costs of this break in and vandalism are as yet unknown to us; repairs are ongoing, we have lost a full days work, we have also been informed our insurance premiums will go up as a result and we have not even seen one of our vehicles since Wednesday 30th. If you would like to help us get back to business as usual we would really appreciate any and all donations towards our repair fund which is linked here.

We’d like to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated, offered to come help us tidy and all of your wonderful messages of support.

A close up photo of the handrail that leads into the garden of st nicks it has been snapped off and hangs off a wonky post. to the left of the image is a wonky gate where the base is bent out of shape. There is lots of glass on the floor.

A trail of glass, vehicle parts including a car window frame and other debris litters the path all the way up to the environment centre garden