Multiple awards for our Recycling Team!

Our recycling team has recently been awarded Collection Crew of the Year for excellence in recycling and waste management. Whilst waste and recycling manager, Sam Taylor, has also been placed 21st in Resource Magazine’s Hot 100 ‘Architects for Change.

Award shelf four awards for st nicks, most are out of focus but the second award from the left shows a plaque that reads awards for excellence collection crew of the year sponosored by Fraun Zoeller, awarded to St Nicks with the Lets Recycle logo at the b

Sam said of the award: “My team work so hard to deliver the best possible service to residents and businesses across York. I’m incredibly proud to see them getting recognition from such renowned publications within the waste sector. We are grateful to our residents, business customers and City of York Council for supporting the service.” 

One of the quotes to nominate Sam in the Hot 100 said: “Her tireless efforts in waste education truly inspire change."

Read the full press release over on the York Press site here.

Four smiling people look into the camera three are men and one is a woman. They are holding a woven heart covered in rainbows they are stood in front of a gazebo in a park behind them is a notice that reads everyone is welcome at St Nicks